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Dubai Air Show

Experience aviation innovation at the Dubai Air Show. A global platform showcasing cutting-edge aerospace technologies, connecting industry leaders, and shaping the future of flight.


Indulge in the world of culinary excellence at Gulfood. Uniting food enthusiasts and industry leaders, it's a gastronomic journey exploring the latest trends and innovations.

Medlab Middle East

Explore groundbreaking advancements in healthcare at Medlab Middle East. An international gathering of medical professionals, fostering collaboration and driving medical innovation.

OAM Osaka Auto Messe

Rev up your passion for automobiles at OAM Osaka Auto Messe. A premier automotive event where cutting-edge design and innovation collide, setting trends in the industry.


Dive into the future of technology at CES. The Consumer Electronics Show unveils the latest innovations, trends, and breakthrough technologies that redefine the digital landscape.


Join the healthcare revolution at Hospitalar. An international trade fair shaping the future of healthcare, fostering collaboration, and showcasing the latest medical advancements.


Embark on a journey through the world of travel at Fitur. A global meeting point for tourism professionals, where destinations come alive, and new horizons are explored.

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Case Study

Guld Food Show Expedition

Dive deep into a comprehensive case study featuring a past Guld Food Show itinerary. Witness how Visit Trade Show orchestrates seamless experiences."
Many hotel rooms were purchased at The Apartments and the size of group was 19 adults.
Visa Arrangements

The visa’s were all arranged by Visit Trade Show a division of Jet Set International.

Ticket Prices and Savings

Ticket prices were about $1000 each with a savings of about $100

Hotel Stay

Hotel Stay was about 4 days at $500 for the stay and about $100 savings for each person

Total Group Savings

$3800 for the entire group.

IRISH Village Dinner

Arranging dinner and drinks.

Dinner Cruise in Marina

Evening cruise experience.

Camel Milk Factory Visit

Uncover local flavors.

Day Trip to Abu Dhabi

Explore the capital city.

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